Hardware Services

Pro Infratek is proudly partnered with multiple vendors to procure all equipment’s, network devices and various other hardware components required to complete the project. Most of us think about procurement as being the stuff that the purchasing people do. That is certainly a big part of it, but there is much more to procurement than that. The act of obtaining or buying goods and services. The process includes preparation and processing of a demand as well as the end receipt and approval of payment. It often involves:

  1. Purchase planning,
  2. Standards determination,
  3. Specifications development,
  4. Value analysis,
  5. Financing,
  6. Price negotiation,
  7. Making the purchase,
  8. Supply contract administration,
  9. inventory control and stores,

    Software procurement is a series of processes used to buy software services. Procurement is not one process but a collection of many interconnected activities. These techniques improve cost efficiency. They also reduce procurement cycle times and ensure good supply chain management.

    Using a documented and streamlined procurement process, organizations can:

    Pro Infratek proudly partnered with various suppliers and vendors to make procurement of software’s, equipment, and all network devices easy. These are our preferred suppliers and we have worked together in the past in different projects.