Telephony Service

The ESA Telephone System is an extension to the LIRR Telephone System network. The ESA Telephone System is the communications system utilized by services within and between GCT, Tunnels, other areas of ESA and Yard Services on BCS network. Eco Servers is being used as the main call processing server for ESA Telephony system. To build a redundant system we are using a special cross cable which connects2 EcoServers.

Duplex system will be delivered with 2 SSD (one at each EcoServer). The OpenScape 4000 EcoServer shelf is the base cabinet of the OpenScape 4000 system. The main processor module is based on an x86 architecture.

We, ProInfratek have implemented VoIP gateways. IP Gateway functionalities for seamless migration to VoIP infrastructureare available with HG 3500 peripheral cards in the OpenScape 4000 access points, or with virtual software-based HG3500 in the OpenScape 4000 SoftGate application and OpenScape 4000 Branch.