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Network System Integrator

ProInfratek as Network system integrators design and build network architectures and integrate new capabilities into current solutions. Through networking integration, multiple hardware and software products are incorporated into a network system.
As Proinfratek being network system integrators are experts in various network-related topics, including security, installation, connectivity, and maintenance. Among the activities of system integration and systems operation are design, development, deployment, and support.
We use protocols developed by independent industry bodies. These include the American National Standards Institute and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

As being network system integrator ProInfratek offers the following services:

we evaluate hardware requirement and provide Billing Of Material for procurement of new hardware

Managed Security Services

Proinfratek offers robust managed security services on your premises, at third-party locations, and in the public cloud. Our services let you customize your security solution to safeguard each layer within your environment. We provide firewall configuration, administration, monitoring, report generation, support, incident response, remote management of firewalls, VPNs, and on-site installation